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SAFARI: Searching Asteroids for Activity Revealing Indicators

In our first paper (found here) we demonstrated that Dark Energy Camera images work well for identifying activity in images of known minor planets. We described our process for extracting these images in what would later become known as the Hunting for Activity in Repositories with Vetting-Enhanced Search
Techniques (HARVEST) pipeline. In the SAFARI paper we estimated that 1 in 10,000 asteroids are active, in agreement with other published estimates. We identified known active asteroid (62412) 2000 SY178 as showing activity, as shown in this image.

Citation: Chandler, Colin Orion, Anthony M. Curtis, Michael Mommert, Scott S. Sheppard, and Chadwick A. Trujillo. “SAFARI: Searching asteroids for activity revealing indicators.” Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 130, no. 993 (2018): 114502.


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